What Happened…


On Wednesday morning, January 22nd, just after midnight, my identical twin sister, who lives one Imagestate away, texted me.  I immediately woke up as midnight texts were not normal in my household.

She had chest pains that night and went to the ER by ambulance, and they required she have a blood relative be her medical power of attorney.  They wouldn’t accept her beloved, whom she had lived with for 20 years.  She asked if she could give them my name and said, IF anything happened, which she didn’t think would, that I tell them she did not want extraordinary measures taken to prolong her life.  Absolutely, I said would.

Between midnight and noon, she had 6 more heart attacks.   They repeatedly gave her nitro. I kept asking her if she wanted me to come out and she said no.  They were getting things under control.

Thursday, January 23rd, she went in for an angiogram. A test where they take a tiny camera and insert it in the femoral artery (in the thigh) and up into the body, exploring the arteries to see if there are any significant blockages.  They found she was 70% blocked everywhere. Across the board. But the big thing was when the probe went into her right ventricular artery, her artery did nearly a 180 degree turn and the probe damaged the artery. The doctor immediately saw what happened and began adding stents.  Short stents.  But he placed seven before he was through.

I was out in the woods at the time and had no idea she was receiving the surgery.  I called her house and her poor honey Tan knew only a little.  So I immediately called the hospital and I was surprised they handed the phone to my sister.  She was still a little loopy from the drugs but gave me a brief account of what happened.  Then she asked me to call her sweetie Tan and let him know how she was and that she would be in a cardiac care room shortly so he could see her. That evening her doctor sat with her and her honey, and described what had happened and how he had fixed the damage.  Kishma was feeling good, though still loopy.  Two days after the surgery, she was feeling very bad.  My fear was that the doctor had messed up and she was feeling it. However by Monday she was feeling much better. She sounded better. The last text I got from her was at 7:10pm my time…”I get to go home.”

Monday evening she went home happy and perky though very tired.  She got home and gave love to all her family there, and her puppies Buffy, Spike and Lily. She sat at her computer and answered all the e-mails she had received since being hospitalized, including those to all my children.  She was happy.  Then she went into her bedroom and as she went to climb on the bed, she collapsed.

The ambulance came and rushed her to the hospital.  They found the artery had ruptured.  They removed a great deal of blood between her heart and the membrane surrounding it.  They scheduled her for open heart surgery Tuesday morning very early.  She was awake when the doctor asked her if she wanted him to try.  She said yes knowing she had a 50/50 chance of survival.  Her beloved Tanamin called me when she went in at 8:22 a.m..  I was already at work.  I called my husband and asked him to come home and that we needed to head to Fresno to see her. At 9:24 I got a call from her beloved who said the doctor had opened her up and there was nothing he could do for her.  Her arteries were impossible to sew on, they were so fragile.  Like wet tissue paper.  So he closed her up.

It would take me 10 hours of driving to reach her.  Though my beloved husband was moving quickly, I knew it wouldn’t be in time.  But I hoped.  Then when the doctor spoke to her beloved again, he said it would be cruel to wake Kishma up.  She would be in extreme pain.

So they just let her slip away… and my twin sister went Home at 9:50 a.m. Arizona time.


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