I’m Watching You


I have to share a funny.  When we left Fresno after making arrangements for Kishma, we headed down to Torrance to have dinner with Jim’s brother Jon and sister-in-law Dottie then went to a hotel to spend the night.  Dottie suggested the hotel, noting her neighbor had stayed at the “Cali Inn” when they were remodeling their home.

I called the inn and asked that they hold a 2-queen bedroom, and then we went to eat.  After eating we all stopped by the hotel before going back to Jon’s to pick up our car (we carpooled to the restaurant.) 

I should have gone on my first instinct.  I walked into the lobby and the reservationist was behind a plexi-glass wall with a little slot to hand him my credit card and for him to pass out a door key.  This didn’t bode well.  But Dottie insisted.  It had to be a nice place or her neighbor wouldn’t have stayed there. And it’s a great neighborhood!  Ohhhkayyy…

So we got our car and came back and checked out the room…well it was only a single bed on the second floor.  We headed back down and the clerk immediately corrected the problem and gave us a keycard for a larger room.  Great!  I was ready for bed.  We went back up the stairs and opened the door and it was okay, so far.  No funky smells, a non-smoking room.  Good.  Then I stepped inside.  Ever get that, “ooooh, this isn’t right” feeling?  Yeppers.  But we were so tired.

Janae immediately checked out the peep hole in the door.  It moved.  Actually moved.  You could turn it to look up or down or sideways.  Of course, any individual on the outside of the door could see what you were looking at and that little eye moved up and down and sideways as well.  Was VERY different.  Actually kind of steampunk. 

Before bringing all the luggage up we checked the beds.  The mattresses were brand new. Clean sheets. New blankets.  And the carpet appeared new, having been placed directly on top of the old.  Janae was quietly building a murder mystery in her mind…”Mom, mom! They killed someone in this room and had to replace the beds and there was probably too much blood on the carpet so they


 just covered it!”  OMG I was laughing!  Well, I would probably have laughed harder if the tile floor wasn’t sticky when I walked on it….

The corker was when Janae went outside with her Dad to get the rest of the luggage.  After she came back up the stairs and was walking along the outside balcony, she said ALL the room peep holes turned to look at her.  Like something out of Labyrinth!  The hair on the back of her neck stood up.  “Mom, I think we are in a scary movie and need to get out of here.”

We stayed the night, slept well, still have our souls intact.  But we won’t be staying there again.   Ever.



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