The Velveteen Rabbit


I got an email from Tanamin today, Kishma’s beloved.  He sent me a dropbox link to a video Imagethey had of Kishma’s services at Hobbs Grove.  It was lovely.  For those that want to see a sample, click the link below.  For those that want to view the entire video, once you click on the link, look in the upper right corner and you can download the video.

Tan shared that the Velveteen Rabbit was one of Kishma’s favorite stories.  Indeed it was, since we were very small.  We always loved where the little velveteen rabbit finally became real, after it was tattered, and torn, and ragged and loved. In this world of masks to hide who you are, and prevarications and fabrications, my sister was real and will stay real, because of all those who have loved her.  My Velveteen Rabbit.


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