Yes, Really


The day that Kishma passed away…in fact within a couple hours of her passing, a group called the California Transplant Donor Network called me on my cellphone while my husband and I were on our way to Fresno.  They called to find out if they could take some of her organs.  Was very disconcerting to be asked so soon after learning she passed.  Of course they have to, but it was still unpleasant.  I asked them to call me back and I called Tanamin to see what he wanted.  He felt the same as I did.  My twin had taken so many medications and there was such damage to her bones and body, we didn’t think there would be anything worth it to them.  But Tanamin also felt as I did in that Kishma would want to help if she could. To help someone see or help a burn victim recover would please her.  So when “Brian” called back from the network, I was on the phone with him for 45 minutes answering some of the most absurd and intimate questions.  I was so glad they called me only because  I wouldn’t have wanted Tan to go through that. It was unpleasant and at times stomach wrenching.  I had to actually laugh out loud at some of the absurdities (having to do with sexual activity and illegal drug use etc.) or I would have hung up on him.  I was reminded of this because I received a copy of the “telephone authorization” form in the mail today, which outlined what they took.

Anyone that knew Kishma knew, due to decades of corticosteroid use for severe asthma, she was diabetic and had brittle bone syndrome causing extreme bone frailty, eye problems, etc.  So when I told him there would not be anything they could use he said no, there were several things they could use.  Then he went into detail what those would be. Not something I really needed to know. The one question he asked I had to think about was, could they use her donations for profit.  I said no to that.  Too Repo-man for me.  Folks that need it should get them and they shouldn’t go to the highest bidder. Image

So to get that bad taste out of my brain I began a painting of her, from the photo in a previous post, when she was dressed in gypsy regalia. It’s about 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 feet and is only the very base drawing on the canvas, which will eventually be entirely covered by acrylic paint.  It is an outline to give me a basic form to work with.  I will post a photo of it every now and again to show it’s progress.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it when it is complete, but it will definitely be helpful to me.

Something Kishma was incredible at was doing illustrations on the computer.  And though most of my daughters can use on-line illustration programs, as Kishma did as well as Ed, it is not something I ever learned.  I was blown away one day when Kishma took a black and white illo of mine and had scanned it and colored it with her magical knowledge and it looked amazing.  She has pretty incredible talent.


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