It’s a Bunny Monday


ImageHere is one of those things I would have sent to Kishma to share the giggle.  My daughter texted it to me today as she knows Mondays are hard for me.  For some reason, week days are harder than weekends.  Probably because I’m not around my family.

Kishma and I both love Alice in Wonderland and its fun twists and turns. She did the spook house at Hobbs Grove based on Alice one year.  That would have been fun to see.  One of my biggest regrets is not getting my youngest daughter out to see the Grove while my twin was alive.  We will try to get her there this year…but it won’t be the same for me.  Of course, Kishma’s honeys are SO sweet and really want us to come out.  I wonder sometimes if it isn’t hard on them to see me.  Though Kishma and I don’t look identical anymore, I do look like she did 15 years ago…and our voices are almost exactly the same.  When she would call my house and leave a message I was always momentarily confused when I checked the messages, wondering what the heck “I” was talking about.  I hope there is enough difference in my inflection, etc., that it doesn’t disturb Tan and Ed.

It’s funny but I’m still running on the numb side, which grief counselors galore say isn’t good.  Of course, it has always worked for me.  Take the sorrow and set it aside for a while and deal with it a tiny bit at a time.  My daughter Heather said she was surprised to see how well I was taking Kishma’s death.  Of course, she doesn’t see me when I sit on Jim’s lap and just hug his neck as I quietly cover it with tears.  He is always right there for me.


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