Kishma and I were extremely imaginative children.  When we were small, she and I both slept in the same bed.  We would find comfort in the cuddling that small children do. I remember one night distinctly, as if it were yesterday.

We had to be all of 3 years old.  We had climbed under our fluffy covers, with Kishma on the inside of the bed near the wall and I was on the outside. (We took turns.)  In the warm dark room she had fallen to sleep quickly and I was just dozing off for the night when I saw IT.

IT had spindly legs as long as my arm and came creeping slowly over the foot of the bed.

IT was a massive spider as large as a dinner plate. The dim light gleemed off its huge abdomen as IT stepped slowly, one long leg at a time, moving up the bed towards us.

How much of this could a 3-year old take?  About a millisecond.

I flung the covers off me, screaming at the top of my tiny lungs as I careened out of the bed and raced into the living room.

Woken from a dead sleep my sweet sister began screaming too.  She clambored out of the bed following me, only to have her tiny foot caught by the bunched up blankets! (Yes, it doesn’t just happen in horror movies!)  She screamed all the louder as she kicked her feet back and forth, finally freeing herself as she scrambled up and threw herself into my mother’s arms.

Both parents were startled and bewildered, trying desperately to get our attention.  When our mother asked Kishma, “What’s wrong honey?!  What is it?!” my poor twin cried, “I DON’T KNOW!”



Poor thing.  She only knew I was screaming so she followed suit.

Who really knows how big the spider was or if there was one at all. But that might explain our somewhat twisted sense of humor!


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