Buffy, Lily and Spike


Kishmas pups 2

Here are Kishma’s three babies, sleeping in her roomy Ben’s lap as well as her honey Ed’s. They are being well loved by her family.  She got Buffy many years ago.  She hand fed this little Chihuahua terrier with an eye dropper when the puppy was small enough to fit into one of Kishma’s hands. The middle puppy shown is Lily, the newest addition and she is a tiny Chihuahua Pomeranian mix. Tan said when they went to the local shelter looking for another dog, Kishma saw Lily right off and said she wanted this tiny girl. She is a wonderful mischevious ball of energy and keeps them on their toes. Last in the back is Spike.  This little guy was found several years ago so horrendously malnourished, Kishma  immediately took him into her home.  You would not believe that puppy then is the same stud muffin chihuahua they have now.

They are all a perfect representation of Kishma.  Both Spike and Buffy had difficult beginnings.  Buffy became a very protective sweet puppy who doted on Kishma and has fur as soft as a bunny.  Spike was abused and yet became a wonderfully loving, confident and protective puppy.  Then there is Lily.  The sweet innocent little girl.

It seemed to me, as Kishma got older she became more innocent.  I don’t mean in worldly things…but more like a child who believed in people, who loved easily, who cherished the simple things as marvelous wonders, and who gave hugs without reservation.

Even though three weeks have passed, I was going to text her to talk about something I saw on Facebook.  It is amazing how the mind tries to protect you from the sorrow by burying it. It is actually startling sometimes when I remember.  But only because I want to share with her.  I keep thinking, “I need to show this to Kishma” or “Kishma would SO like to be here.”

And though I’m not necessarily a Selena fan, click on  this video link.  It’s for you sis.


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