Zebras Zebras Everywhere


Oh my gosh, the human mind is tricky, tricksy, frightening and funny.

I stopped at the local Walmart near my daughter’s high school, after dropping her off for seminary (a very early class.)  I needed to grab a salad as I have mostly been very careful about what I eat since my twin passed away.

I wandered through the store to pick up a couple other item and came across some zebra purses.  I had the brief desire to buy one then told myself, “No.  I’m not Kishma.  She collected zebra’s not me.”  I chuckled at myself for the brief impulse knowing she would have laughed as well.  Then I picked myself up a new blouse to change into, and headed to work.

Yep…that photo is me in the new blouse.  And I TRULY didn’t realize what I had done until I had it on and was sitting at my desk, reading the e-mail Tanamin had sent last night (thanking me for brownies I had sent to him and his family.)

Truly.  No clue.

If I didn’t laugh, I’d cry.



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