Voice Message


I was just going through my cell phone voice messages trying to find one I need to return, and Kishma’s voice came on…  So unexpected but I am so very grateful that I hadn’t deleted it.  She was sweetly saying. “Hi sis, I’m a dufas right now and I can’t figure out my phone…probably caused by the new blood pressure meds….be patient with me…”

How can one be happy and anguished at the same time?  I don’t know.

 But I now know first hand it CAN happen.


When I got home this evening, I sat on my bed and put my earphones in to listen to Kishma’s voice message at home, where my tears wouldn’t disturb anyone…and after listening to it I pushed #7 to play it again..but it deleted it!  ….Oh my stomach sank to my feet as I cried out loud.

I just wanted to hear her voice…

angel speak


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