One Month


I received a sweet surprise this morning.  Tanamin, my twin’s beloved, emailed me a voice file of my twin reading a novel.  That was so wonderful of him! Thanks to my twin’s sweet beloved.

One month has passed today, since my Kishma’s passing.  It is a marker in my ability to continue forward.  I am doing surprisingly well but I am also keeping myself very busy.  I took the day off work because I didn’t want any tears there.  Jim is home and has been puttering around trying to get our suburban running and having challenges with it.

I have been keeping myself busy with household chores then I started sorting one of the boxes of Kishma’s books I brought home.  When Tan said that I could go through her stuff and take some, I don’t think he realized I would have taken everything.  Every jot and tittle as thImageey say NOT because I wanted stuff.  But because I wanted her.  So I maintained and just took items I would actually use. He has some wonderful ideas for her books as he will donate them to a local library.

In taking some of her books I found one that was a favorite of both Kishma’s and myself since we were six years old.  Truly!  One of the first “library” books we ever checked out.  It is “The Fox The Dog and The Griffin” by Poul Anderson. A wonderful little love story. And no doubt a major influence of our love for fantasy, gryphons, and talking animals.


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