Laundry Day


laundry dayI have to share a funny story my adult daughter Heather shared.  Heather lives in an apartment about a 1/2 mile away from where I live, and was doing her laundry at the laundromat located in the complex.  There was an older couple doing their laundry at the same time.  So when Heather went back to get her own laundry out of the dryer, this elderly lady jumped up and said,”Where do you think you are going with my laundry?!”

“Nowhere,” Heather responded.  “It’s MY laundry.”

“I know your type!  Innocent face!  Don’t think I’m just going to let you walk out of here with my laundry!”

Heather moved the pile of laundry to the table and again stated, “It’s MY laundry!” as a pair of her lacy pink panties dropped to the floor.

“Where did these come from?!” the old gal shrieked.

“They are MINE because this is MY LAUNDRY!”  As Heather said this the older lady’s husband came wandering in the room.  The old gal whipped around to him and yelled accusingly, “What is the meaning of this?!” as she waved the panties in his face.

“They are mine,” Heather said yet again.

The old man met Heather’s eyes then looked at his wife and said, “Dear, we are using dryer 9…those came out of dryer 7.”  After a brief pause, the older gal became stone faced, dropped Heather’s undies back into her pile, then wouldn’t look at her again, the rest of the time they were there together.

OHMYGOSH this only happens in sitcoms, right? This would have had my twin laughing so hard!!!


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