The Significance of the Number Six


A standard guitar has six strings

Six is a congruent number

There are six points on a star of David

Insects have six legs

There are six sides on a die

That was Patrick McGoohan’s number in The Prisoner

Lent is six days (or weeks depending on who you talk to) of self discipline

A coffin is typically buried “six feet under.”

Six is a lucky number in Chinese culture

There is the theory Six Degrees of Separation

Sixth Sense

The Cells of a beehive have six sides

Yahweh, God, Heavenly Father took six days to create the earth

I have six wonderful children

It has been 6 weeks since my identical twin sister passed from this earth


Kishma Danielle 1960 – 2014


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  1. My best friend growing up was your Aunt Priscilla Morales. We lived around the corner from each other, she on 59th Place and I was on Everett. Those were such different times for a lot of reasons. I never forgot when you both were born. Your names, Kyla Nicole and Kishma Danielle Morales. Mrs Morales and my mother were such good friends in the early 1950’s and until 1965 when my mom and I left the Huntington Park and moved to Texas. I also remember when the baby sibling passed away and how sad everyone felt.

    So very sorry to read about Kishma’s passing. Your thoughts I have just finished reading brought tears to my eyes. I would so like to hear from you if you like. I did find out because of the Internet that my very best friend from my childhood, Priscilla had died and that last time we had seen each other was 1965. Over the years contact was lost and now I am 70 years old.

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