Hi sis…Went to work for about a half hour today to get something done that had to be completed then home again, because I woke up looking like the Kool-Aid man. Allergic reaction again, and it had me super puffy faced. 🙂  and uncomfortable.  My ears itching were the worst. So I bit the bullet and began a prednisone burst this morning and antihistamines. Jim had to go to Phoenix to pick up his compressor, which could not be repaired (but they DID have a newer model for $2500 they could sell him…riiiight.) He felt I could sleep in the Dodge just as easily as at home, so I rode with him down to the big City.  It was actually very soothing just riding in the Dodge with my sweetie.  Kind of like being a little one being rocked to sleep by the motion.  And he was so much more comfortable with me there.  I know your passing has affected him deeply too, though he keeps it to himself so as to not add stress to me.  I think he is afraid of losing me.

I woke up just as we entered Phoenix.  He did a little running around while I was semi-conscious, then got me a wonderful junk food lunch of In-and-Out hamburger and fries, which I haven’t had for a long time. (It is not on the top of the Mediterranean diet list!)  I’ve lost almost 15 pounds but I’m pretty sure that put 5 of ’em right back on with this meal.  Oh well.

ImageThen Jim did a little more shopping and was wonderfully sweet and took me by Michael’s Arts and Craft supply store because I needed some burnt sienna and burnt umber acrylic paint to work further on my portrait painting of you.  Still just working on the base but it’s getting there.  Love you so much and miss you.  I know this doesn’t look exactly like you yet, but I never realized what high cheek bones we had until I started to paint this. It’s funny but I also realized I never drew you except in a costume, your face was never showing.  Means something, I’m sure…Just don’t know what.


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