Her Niece’s Day


Today was my Twin’s youngest niece’s birthday.  She also happens to be my daughter.  She is a very sassy bright spirit who brings a great deal of joy into my life.  We celebrated her birthday at our home and, being my youngest child, she got nearly everything she wanted, which was mostly art supplies.  However, and Kishma would grin at this…she also asked for a pineapple, mango and grapefruit.  Not the usual teenage fare.  Then she had the unique idea of trying to stack and balance them. Amazingly enough, she aImagectually got them balanced, albeit it was for seconds!

This girl is also talented in make-up.  Each new school year she tests her new unsuspecting victims–uh, teachers with her “I sliced my finger and am bleeding everywhere” routine…Or the “massively bruised arm with muscle showing through” etc gag.  Luckily all the teachers have been good natured about it. So far.

This year we were planning to come out to visit Kishma in October, when Hobbs Grove was up and running.  It is one of the best spook house, haunted hay ride and haunted forest spook event in Western US. Kishma is talented in movie industry make-up having been taught by one of her honeys, Ed Kline.  We were hoping to get my daughter some exposure to what Kishma did each year, and get pointers to horrify next years crop of unsuspecting teachers.

Hopefully we will still make it out there and my girl can watch all the actors prepare their makeup for each night of “scaring” at Hobbs Grove in Fresno, California. It will be interesting anyway and I love to visit Kishma’s fellahs.

Oh wow…My eyes are starting to cross.  At 11:20 p.m. this is awesome!  I might get some actual sleep tonight!  YAY!


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