The Last Straw



ImageThere was a game Kishma and I used to play as children called “The Last Straw.”  It included a wonderful statue of a camel, a “saddle” that goes on the camels back, and a bunch of plastic sticks, or straws. It was very simple to play.  You would go around the table and one at a time, each player would put a straw in the camels saddle.  As the game went on and the saddle filled up, it became very suspenseful.  Eventually the poor little camel would “break” in two due to the weight of the “straw.”

Today I can relate to that camel.  I think this poor lil’ camel (me) had the last straw set on her back today.  Just sad and can’t shake it.   I had too many worries between sorrow for Kishma and Danny, me, poor Nico getting laid off, another daughter moving away and finally, being very disappointed in someone I never thought would disappointment me in this manner.  Wow…

So, here it is, 1:01 a.m. and I’m surfing the internet for new paint brushes and some heavy body Liquitex artist acrylic tube paints.  Not much on the inexpensive side out there today.  Sometimes I can find amazing deals on e-bay but not now.  Not that the prices aren’t good.  Just not good for me. I can’t work on Kishma’s painting until I get some more blue tape (which doesn’t leave residue behind on the canvas) to help with straight lines.  My hand shakes so much nowadays that I have to use tape to outline the wooden steps Kishma is sitting on in the painting, otherwise they will look like they are shivering….or doing the wave.  Oh well!  G’night folks.



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