A Nose is a Nose…or is it?


Kishmas noseSeems I just can’t stop thinking about numbers… One week, two weeks, two months, ten weeks.  Today is 10 weeks since my twin Kishma passed.  I’m not obsessing about it, it’s just that she is always there…  or maybe that is obsessing…  More likely just grieving.

So, here I am on week 10 just puttering around the house, cleaning and painting.  I’m about 50% of the way through Kishma’s portrait.  I can’t quite seem to get her nose right.  You would think I could just look in a mirror to get it right, but that isn’t so. Though we are identical twins, due to steroids her skin is much lighter than mine and her features smaller.  As you can see, if I place my Arizona browned finger in front of her sweet face, yep!  That’s Kishma!  But not if I move my finger away.  So I’ll be working on that today.  To get this particular “Rose to smell as sweet” will take some work on my part.


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