keep-calm-and-don-t-do-it-2Here it is 4:39 in the morning and I’m awake.  I always look on line when I get a new medication to see if it conflicts with any of the many I currently take.  Surprisingly, I found the new sleeping meds conflicts with one of my asthma meds.  So yesterday morning I called the pharmacist who stated that his computer would have caught any contraindications, but that he would look it up by hand.  When he came back on the phone his voice was quite shaken.  He said the meds has a serious conflict with the medication I noted, and it had to do with the heart, and that he truly wasn’t comfortable telling me to take it and that I needed to call my doctor.  Wow. Okay.  So I did.  When he finally got back to me it was basically with an almost “Oh geez” attitude.  He stated that I get such a minute amount of meds through my asthma inhaler that the sleeping agent wouldn’t conflict.  Just like that.  Didn’t look it up or anything.  I’m kind of disturbed as it seemed to be brushed aside a little quickly, without easing my concerns.

My fallback on this has always been my twin Kishma.  She was a veritable encyclopedia on meds and always had answers or would ask one of her many doctors and then she’d let me know.  It is amazing how much a part of my life she is and was…even in a different state.

Without her wisdom… I am not taking the new meds.  I’ll see if I can find a nice Camomile tea tomorrow.


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