Fairy Circles on Easter


There isn’t much going on to post about today.  I have been working hard on getting a website built for my new online art sales business as well as working on fundraising.

This is my first Easter without my twin.  Kishma and I had two very different beliefs on what happens once you pass on, which is unusual for twins, in particular identical.  But we respected each others beliefs and looked for commonalities rather that differences.  And they are always there.

fairy ringI still feel she is working away on the other side of the veil, waiting for us to join her.  And for her it will be only a moment, but for us it may be years, even a half century.  I wonder if that is where the belief in fairy circles comes from.  A fairy circle is a ring of ground trodden down, or a ring of mushrooms, toadstools or flowers in a pasture or forest or meadow…  When you step inside the magical little circle several things can happen.  You could either fall asleep, or you would be treated to some wonderful festivities by the fairies within.  However, when you awoke or took a step back outside the circle, you will have found years if not decades had passed.

It’s an interesting concept to explore.



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