What is in the Number Twelve?


color-wheelWhat is special about the number twelve…?

There are twelve faces in a deck of cards

Twelve months in a year

Twelve equals a dozen

The atomic number twelve is magnesium, on the periodic table

The human body has twelve cranial nerves

The zodiac has twelve symbols

Twelve people have walked on the earth’s moon

Twelve signs were given to the Pharaoh of ancient Egypt to release the Hebrews from over 400 years of  bondage

There are twelve beautiful hues in the color wheel

And this is my 12th week on this earth without my beloved twin sister walking upon the same soil.  Three months.  So much yet so little time has fled since her passing. The world had dimmed for a time without her magic in it.  However the light is returning as the earth recovers her balance.  The colors of the rainbow shimmer as brightly as ever and the warmth of the summer sun is beginning to move onto this side of our world.

I miss you sis.  Thank you for letting me see the magic.


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