Swish Ghost


swishghostMy grandmother used to talk of something called a “swish ghost”.  It was a dark or light shadowy image that you would see just out of your peripheral vision, and as you turned to look at it, it would “swish” away.  She spoke of it as much a matter of fact as she would talk about getting the laundry done.

I know now, a swish ghost is as a result of aging eyes, tired optic nerves and occasionally glaucoma or cataract.  But what was so interesting back then was the complete lack of trepidation regarding something that could have been perceived as supernatural.  As children, my twin and I thought it was a wonderful thing to have such a creature darting around the house.  We would sit with our little black haired heads pushed together, giggling and hoping a swish ghost would peak its little head around the edge of our vision so we could catch a look at it!

I realize, now, I have my own swish ghosts.  With that realization a smile came to my face as I remembered my grandmother’s house, the wonderful smells, particularly the pull-apart cake, as Kishma and I sat on tall chairs swinging our short legs back and forth and listened to her speak about the swish ghost.



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