A Poem



Love life


I came across this poem. I was out late at a meeting and didn’t get home until after 9pm.  Then I ate and finally came to bed, but of course, not to sleep. Silly mind.  And this came up on the internet.  The more I read it, the deeper it got.  And it is true.  Love life as it is.  It is what we have now.  Love every moment that you can.  It is so very, very brief.

Secret of Death

”What is the secret of Death? ” wonders the Sense
“Life and Death go hand in hand” answers Life
“People don’t fear Death, they fear the thought of Death” exclaims Death
“Those who fear Death have lost Life” answers Time
“People respect Death more than Life” answers the Present
“People fear the Unknown” says the Future
“There is nothing to fear except fear for itself” answers the Unknown
“The answer is hidden in the heart of Life” whispers the Heart
“I am all there is” shouts Love
“Love life as it is” whispers Death

by Saga Raijasdot

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