Mother’s Day


white rosesToday is the first Mother’s Day without my twin sister.  She would always call and text and send me a card each Mother’s Day telling me what a terrific mother I was.  I’ve written before that she and I used to say that I birthed her children as well as my own, as she never had any.  With all the numerous meds she was on, she was worried about conceiving a baby with all those horrid chemicals.  She said she would never do that to another being.  I don’t think she realized what a wonderful mother figure she was.  To her puppies, her family and her friends.  She had the most intelligent loving way of helping the youth she worked with.  And she had absolutely no tolerance for anyone who would hurt a child.

She would help with the hiring of the actors for Hobbs Grove ( a haunt ) each year with her dear friend Lor.  And without fail, if any applicant stated they loved to frighten little children, she would smile and tell them thank you and immediately set their file in a pile never to be looked at again.  She understood they may have just been saying that in hopes it was the ‘right’ thing to say to get hired but it didn’t matter.  The haunt wasn’t even recommended for young children.

However if young children did come, they would be given a “safe” word they could use to make the monsters go away.  If a monster came up that frighted them too much they could say the secret words, something like “cotton candy” and the actor/monster would immediately recoil from the child.  Was and is a very cool way to empower someone that would otherwise feel helpless!

So Happy Mother’s Day, to those who have their own children, those who wanted their own,  those that take care of others children, and those that are mother figures and don’t even know it!




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