zebra-300Has it been 15 weeks?  Yes, today.  The 15th week of my twin dancing in the heavens.

I’ve been under the weather with my own respiratory challenges these last several weeks and my sister was my listening ear.  My children worry when I show I’m tired of the fight to breath and my sweet husband wants to fix it and he can’t.  So I would usually talk to Kishma about the gory details of being sick and the wonderful medicinal side affects and though we would worry for one another, it was more the true “I know what you are going through and that stinks,” feeling instead of feeling like I am burdening others with my frailties.  My hubby would be put out by that statement as he always takes care to make  sure I know I am not a burden to him.  We are equally yoked and can’t imagine existence without the other.  But I worry about worrying them and vica versa and if I don’t stop now, pretty soon I’ll be saying “who’s on first” (for those old-timers..)

I’ve gotten 2 cell phone pouches sewn and painted for what I call Kishma’s event.  I don’t think I’m even concerned about selling any at this point.  I just want to express myself on the leather as I did on the canvas for her.  I know she will like what she see’s.  She was always easy to please.

I miss you sis!



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    • I am so sorry for your loss. And though I can’t know how you feel, I do know how I feel and hope that comfort finds you quickly and the happy memories stay. You have a beautiful blog and I love your sweet kitties. Keep strong to your faith. We’ll all be together again! Thank you so much.

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