crochet scarvesIt has been several weeks since I have written. Not because my grief is abated but just because my world has been busy and by the time bedtime rolls around I have been doing just that–going to bed.

I was perusing the internet, looking up arts and craft booth images as I am participating in our local farmers market, and saw one with crocheted items. I thought for a split second, I wonder if I can get a few items from Kishma and sell them for her at my local Farmer’s Market Jamboree. And just as quick, an amazing pang and twist to my heart. Wow. I have July 28th scheduled to be off from work. It’s on a Monday and will be exactly 6 months since my identical twin sister passed away. It is quite amazing how fresh the pain still is.

I don’t wear it every day like a badge. It’s just here, in the back of my mind. Every morning I put on my memory pouch, which has a turtle made of bone in it, as well as a tiny urn with my twin Kishma’s ashes in it. Doesn’t matter the outfit, or if the color doesn’t fit, or if folks ask what it is anymore. It’s a symbol of my twin.

I received a sweet email from a Cheryl L’ today. I shipped 75% of my KickStarter project perks out and they are just getting received by the supporters. And Cheryl said some wonderful things about the pouch she received, and the great energy it has. But her final words were, “I think you have done your sister proud.” That brought a smile to my lips and tears to my eyes. Thank you Cheryl.

Life goes on doesn’t it. And it is flying by of late. My mind almost struggles with how fast the days are going by.

Hey wombmate, I miss you.


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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. It is so hard and so different for each of us. May that significant date come and go with sweet memories for you. ( I also apologize for my delayed response. This just appeared in my email this evening. )

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