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35 Weeks


halloween big sis pic

I’m actually the big sister (born 9 minutes earlier…) but this picture so fits…


34 Weeks


zebra necklace1I tried to think of something cool for 34 weeks missing my twin but couldn’t.  The best thing I could come up with is that 34 is the number on the periodic table for Selenium.  And if you watch scifi, then the first thing I think of is the goofy movie “Evolution.”  Kishma would appreciate that. 🙂

The photo I have attached is of a necklace my younger sister Amber bought for me a few months ago, in honor of Kishma.  VERY fitting indeed. I’ve worn it the last several days as I have to get my leather medicine pouch cleaned (it holds a vial with her ashes).  I love the little red spot on the zebra’s heart.  Brings tears to my eyes.  And that the zebra is just struttin’ her stuff! THAT makes me smile.

I’m very excited about October.  I get to go out and visit Kishma’s family.  It will be like being around her again and I look forward to that, if only for a day or two.  They are so sweet and loving and open.  I couldn’t ask for better people to love my sister too.

Hey Sis


twin babiesMissing you. This is my eighth month of birth into a world without you. Thirty two weeks without you. This has been a particularly stressful month and I find I want to turn to you often, asking your thoughts and bouncing my fears and hopes off you.  Am I making the right decisions…will everything turn out okay…. will the anxiety fade and my good old fashion self confidence return.  Will I quit second guessing myself soon… Will I be able to multi task like I used to instead of feeling overwhelmed at the simplest decisions.

I miss your laugh. And your kind words. And your wonderful sense of humor.

I love you.