Thirty Six Weeks


agave flowerHurt my back this week so I have the “poopy lip” going on but I’m sure I’ll be over it in a couple days.

The local Mayor was invited to view the new LDS Phoenix temple and invited me to be her guest, which was awesome.  We traveled and viewed the very beautiful building this morning.  It was quite a work of amazing art and inside was so serene.  Anyone that is not LDS (Mormon) and does not get to visit inside a real “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” temple (not to be confused with the RLDS reorganized or Fundamentalist LDS churches!) should take the opportunity to visit if one is available in their area, before it is consecrated.  Beautiful paintings, gorgeous baptismal font, wonderfully peaceful reflecting ponds outside.

One of the neat things is the agave plant blossom is worked into much of the interior design of the building.  Each temple interior is a little different in that it reflects more if the local areas flora and fauna.

It was a wonderful serene experience and my twin was in my mind every moment of the visit.  I love you you sis.


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