Another Day


38th Parallel – a circle of latitude 38 degrees north of the earth’s equatorial plain.  Roughly demarcates north and south Korea.

38 is a nontotient (look it up…I had to 🙂

38 is the number of slots in the American roulette wheel.

Stargate (SG-1) can stay open for only 38 minutes.

And today is 38 weeks from the day my twin sister left this plain of existence on earth.

I skipped posting last week to visit my late twin sisters family.  It was wonderful seeing them all again!  It was bittersweet to step into my twin’s world, where she no longer treads. But I love her family.  They are a bunch of creative imaginative minds in one place.  So much positive energy there.

We visited her Ralph and Janaepuppies Buffy, Spike and Lily.  Lily was a tiny puppy fluffy ball of fur when we visited last and now she is a year old. Still small but very protective of her family, as Pomeranians are, as well as skittish, as Chihuahuas are!  She let us know, every time we stood up or moved, that we didn’t ask her permission to visit!

Loved visiting with Kim and getting a chance to really talk with her. Such a sweet tender spirit.  I can see why Kishma loved having her as roommate.  She is very open and honest and caring.  And handsome Ben, her beloved husband, hasn’t changed a bit in 20 years!  A little dust on the hair but that’s it! Amazing.  And just as fun and anthro creative as ever.  He portrays an 8-foot tall rat/wolf critter named Rolph at Hobbs Grove.  The first time I saw him performing a few years back, I didn’t realize it was him.  Such an awesome surprise!  This is Rolph in depth conversation with my daughtertanamin

The household Mondoshawan, Ed was great.  My husband is constantly amazed by him.  Ed is an incredibly intelligent individual (I am reticent to use the words “human being” as he might take offense to that!) with a massive amount of information stored in his brain.  He has large hands, yet makes these extremely tiny and delicate miniature props (and other things) with such unbelievable detail. He is a great artist and publishes on-line graphic novels (adult!) and is constantly expanding his imaginative worlds.

Then there is Tanamin.  Tan, was and continues to be the most affected by my twins passing and continues, as I do, to make it through each day. He is a marvelous man with a great sense of humor and an excellent eye for art. Whether it is at the playhouse, Hobbs Grove, the way he portrays himself, his voice or online, he has great talents and skill.  Right now he is juggling SO many balls and keeping so many plates spinning, I don’t know how he does it.  He has taken over Kishma’s job at Hobbs, managing not only the Haunted Forest, but the Haunted House as well.  He was a marvelous host, as he got my family into each of Hobb’s Groves attractions and took care of each of us.  In the evenings he sat with us and chatted with us in his home, making us feel a part of the family even though the link between us has stepped away.  The last time I had seen Tan he was close to bald and bare faced because he had just completed performing as Daddy Warbucks in the play “Annie.”  Kishma told me what an absolutely perfect job he did pf that part.  She was so extremely proud of him.  He has a full head of hair again and a striking beard.

Hobb’s Grove was great At Hobbs Grove x3fun and it was such a delight to watch my daughter being frightened by the ghoulies but never screaming…she said she just couldn’t scream.  But she DID have attitude and got extremely verbose the more frightened she got.  Then they had my husband and daughter participate as staff, scaring customers and we had a great time.  The night went so quickly and we wished we could be there another night, to help and watch and scare. To the left is a picture of my husband, Tan and my baby girl  at Hobb’s Grove. Also below is my husband and his new girlfriends, a zombie and witch.  Can’t say that I’m jealous…

Jims new girlfriends


 It was a wonderful couple days.  Then we headed south and stayed the night at a hotel and it hit me.  The loss again was fresh and I was so heartbroken and sorrowful and tearful. And it has hung on this week as well.  I know someday it will come where I can remember and not hurt….but that time is far off.

In the mean time, this wonderful family is one of those where my husband Jim and I wish we lived closer to them.  And that we were millionaires and could buy a house for them so they’d never have to worry about that.  But, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride,” my mom used to say.  So I guess I need to become a millionaire to take care of all my loved ones!  Any suggestions?


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