Midnight Text Message


My cellphone has a little bird tweet sound to let  me know I received a text message.  It’s great for being nonabrasive.  If I’m outside, folks just think it’s birds.  If I’m in a meeting, people immediately look up to see if there is a bird in the office.

About 15 minutes ago it tweempty texteted. 1220am.  Late for me to be receiving a text.  I lay there half asleep and was going to ignore it…but the last time I received an after midnight text was just over 10 months ago, from my identical twin.  So when the text came in and I was thinking I would ignore it, I remembered the last time.  Then of course I had to check it to make sure it wasn’t any other family member with some difficult news. Which it wasn’t.

But that got me to thinking…. I had to replace my cellphone last week because I dropped it and shattered the glass. I was very careful to wipe everything out of the old phones memory because I didn’t want any identity theft etc.  Had everything copied to my new phone and backed up etc.

But as I lay there a few minutes ago, thinking about the last time I’d received a midnight text, I realized something… None of the texts transferred.  I had kept the last texts from my twin.  I read back over them when I was having a difficult day because she was always so up, even while going through such a difficult time.  Now those pearls of great price are gone.

My husband curled himself around me with hugs when I whispered to him what I had just realized.  I told him it was okay.  No reason to agonize as there was really no way to get them back.

But I will miss them.  They were a comfort.


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