Merry Christmas


magic-christmasI remember my twin Kishma and I used to sleep in the same bunk bed when we were very small. I would sleep with my head at one end and she would have hers at the other. No, we didn’t put our feet in each others noses.  This allowed us to not crowd each others faces when we were struggling to breath.  Christmas was always great as our brother would sleep on the top bunk and little sister would sleep on a pull out bed or even on the floor on blankies.  Christmas music would be playing, the house would smell like pine and the tree lights would twinkle magically. We would share reading Christmas stories as we tried not to fall asleep, all crammed into one bedroom.  But eventually the music was too comforting, and the warmth of the covers too sweet to avoid the heavy eyelids and we would succumb to the magic of sleep.

Merry Christmas to all my friends and family. May yours be magical, spiritual and full of joy.


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