Eleven Months


Yesterday was 48 weeks. Or 11 months – since my identical twin sisters passing.  It went by quietly and without event.  Middlesnow angel of the night tears are a given.

It is very cold here in Cottonwood today.  It dropped down into the teens last night and will do so again tonight and we actually have snow this morning.  It’s a lot of snow for my little desert community.  We get snow about once or twice a year but it doesn’t usually stick.  However, we’ve had about 3 inches so far and it’s stuck enough to make snow angels and have snowball fights.  Which is awesome!  Except when you have a flat roof, or a metal/canvas canopy in the back yard like we do at my house.

The snow built up so much it collapsed the metal canopy onto our 1978 Corvette.  The metal poles had broken and were literally less than 1” from the windshield. The rest of it had the canopy atop it, full of heavy snow.  Then of course, the engine wouldn’t start so we had to go at it with shovels, cold hands and strong bodies to shoulder the metal pipes up high enough to have others try to push the car out from under the broken pipes and heavy snow.  It was about a 25 minute ordeal with the car suffering one 18” long gouge to the paint on it’s hood.  Wow.

So of course, immediately after that my husband hopped up onto our flat roof with my 17-year old daughter and began shoveling and hosing snow.  We didn’t need a collapse there as well!  He felt like the sailors on Deadliest Catch,  smacking and shoveling snow so the ship doesn’t capsize!

He got it done then headed inside for a hot shower and hot chocolate! YUM!

Makes me wish I could have a snow day from work!


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