mothra 1961Kishma and I used to watch a wonderful movie called Mothra (1961 version). I watched it this evening and loved every moment of it. Especially as some of my adult children were watching it with me and enjoyed it almost as much as I.   Nowadays it is somewhat campy as it is a Japanese movie dubbed in English.  The thing that fascinated us, and were the most important characters (to my twin and I), were two Japanese girls that were about one foot tall.  They were twins and keepers of the beautiful yet monstrous Mothra.Mothra_fairies

We were enthralled with the song the twins sang and after watching the movie, would sing or hum it all over the place. It was a magical world.  ( Here is a link to the song.)

I still love that movie today. Perhaps even more now, as it is a memory shared.


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