She Is Not Here


She Is Not Here

gone 1 I can not sleep

She is not here

My twin sister is gone I fear

Last time I visited

She was still here

I could feel her soul Unseen yet near

One year ago

When she left this earth

I knew she was still with me As she had been before birth

I could hear my twin

In each quiet whisper

In the beam of each sunrise I could still see her

But she is not here

She has gone for good

I can no longer see Where she once stood

The giggle, the pout, The groan, the laugh

Are all silent now

All in the past

I expected her perfume, a scent or smell

But all is quiet

Like some muffled hell

She is not here

I hoped, I prayed

That some small part of her Had stayed

Tomorrow I’ll smile

At the memories given

The joys of sharing and that she’s in heaven

But all I know now Is she’s no longer near

My sister so sweet

She is not here


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