Practical Magic


This has been a sweet but difficult weekend. In my  household we really don’t get a lot of opportunity to relax.  Just so much going on and so much to do. And often, when there is a pause in the business, I end up taking a nap. But we took a moment yesterday and I was sitting on the sofa next to my sweetie and he was  doing the channel surfing thing and came upon the movie “Practical Magic.”  I love that movie.  I enjoy the whole magic thing plus it has so much love between sisters.  I forgot practical magichow painful it could be.  We came to the scene that is depicted in the image to the left here…and I just broke into tears that wouldn’t stop.  I buried my face in my husbands shoulder and cried. Fortunately my beloved again knew immediately what was happening. I don’t think he realizes how great an anchor he is for me when I feel so lost in this ocean of life.

In this scene of the movie Sandra Bullock is lying on the ground next to her sister played by Nicole Kidman, who has been possessed by the spirit of an evil man.  Nicole is entreating Sandra to just let her go. The evil spirit wants only her and that will keep the rest of her family safe. And Sandra tells her no.  They made an agreement when they were young.  They would die together and this wasn’t that time.

I’d forgotten….it was so long ago.  We were so young.  My twin and I made a similar agreement.

Really, I don’t want to join her. I have no desire to leave my current mortal coil.  I just didn’t want her to leave yet. And it hurt.  I know it always will, but sometimes…sometimes the sudden agony is just such a huge surprise


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