Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear


Objects In Mirror (c) Kyla Allen 2015

Well, last week was the 2nd birthday I walked this earth without my twin. So hard to comprehend.

But my husband and youngest daughter took great pains to fill Thursday and Friday with great joy.  I have lived in Arizona for nearly 30 years and had never visited the place called “Bearizona” near Flagstaff Arizona (actually in Williams.)

It is a wild animal park, where many wild creatures roam and you have to stay in your car while you take a driving tour.  At parts of the tour we were required to roll our windows closed all the way and lock our doors, as we drove through separated areas of bears and wolves.  Was oh so cool and I know my twin would have adored it.  I took SO many photos for reference for my art. And of course my favorite was the wolves.  Alaskan Tundra Wolves and another breed that slipped my mind at this moment. They were simply beautiful.  I couldn’t get turned around enough to take a good shot of this fellow so I aimed at the mirror and it worked.

So Many of Kishma’s friends and loved ones wished me happy birthday in her memory.  Wow.  Hard to think about even now.  So my mind just kind of leap frogs ahead, as it avoids the issue, and thinks of wolves and artwork and how I need to buckle down and do some.

I love and miss you wombmate.


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