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I need to talk with you sis.

I want to fill you in on things and pick your brain on others and share feelings and sorrows and joys.

I miss you so much.


My Heart Is Breaking





This is going to be my one selfish moment…then I have to let it go.

There has been a great deal of death around me of late… My twin sister, a dear friend, my step-mother…and now my baby sister has been told she has 6 months to live…at the most.

I want to fix it. And I can’t.  And I’m always too late. I’m not able to say good bye.  To come out and give my last hugs.  I’m always too late.



My Heart

My heart is breaking

My tears flow fast

My baby sister is dying

Am I to be the last?


My heart is breaking

My grief is so wide

I will be so alone

The pain is hard to hide


My heart is breaking

Her years are too few

Her sweet smile is hidden

Please let her body renew
My heart is breaking

It ravagers her within

Make it stop its horrid growth!

Please let my sister win.


My heart is broken

Torn in two

There is nothing…

Nothing I can do


Helpless hopeless

To stop her pain

Please embrace her tightly

Let her smile again


Ease her breath

Calm her mind

Help her bravely

Solace find


In faith

In love

With angels above

And let her know

She is truly loved